YesWeBurp is an extension to access all programs' scope details on the bug bounty platform - YesWeHack.

Extension Availability Source Code Dependencies
Community Professional Jython

How to configure this extension

  1. The installation is a straightforward process. Go to BApp Store and click Install. Once the extension successfully installs, you have a new tab, “YesWeHack.”


  2. Clicking on the YesWeHack tab, you get the list of public bug bounty programs and login options.

  3. In the Options section, you see an anonymous user by default. The bug bounty program details provided are publicly available.

    YesWeBurp Anonymous

  4. To view details of the private bug bounty programs you are invited to, set the authentication to Email / Password, enter credentials, and click Connect. If the authentication is successful, the status shows you are Connected as <username>.

    YesWeBurp Authenticated

When to use this extension?

This extension is quite useless when you are not a bug bounty hunter on the YesWeHack platform.