Add Custom Header

As the name suggests, it’s a simple extension to add custom headers for Burp Suite’s requests.

Extension Availability Source Code Dependencies
Community Professional -

You can install the extension from BApp Store. Once installed, a new tab called “Add Custom Header” is added.

How to configure this extension

  1. Goto Project Options -> Sessions -> Session Handling Rules

  2. Click Add. Give a rule description and click on Add under Rule Actions. Select Invoke a Burp extension and then select Add Custom Header from the drop down when asked for Extension action handler.

  3. Click on the scope tab. Under the URL Scope section, select the option which works for your case.

    For this example, I have already set my scope in the Targets section, so I would use it. If you want to try out the extension, you can choose Include all URLs or if you’re going to define a specific scope for the extension, choose Use custom scope and define it.

  4. When I try sending any request through repeater/intruder, the custom header is automatically added.

    Also, the custom header can be any header with or without a prefix.

When to use this extension?

This extension comes in handy when you are trying to forcefully inject a custom header in all the requests made from Burp Suite.